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It’s that time of your life you didn’t expect to come so soon: your daughter is growing up to be a young, mature lady.

The physical and emotional changes she is undergoing (or is about to go through) seem to happen over night, and you remember your own experiences like they happened yesterday.

We’ve found that while moms may desire to talk to their daughters about what’s going on “down there,” sex, and relationships, the conversation rarely happens: it can be awkward and not an easy discussion to initiate. We’ve also learned that in faith-based and ethnic communities, girls can grow up to feel alone, confused, and ashamed of their bodies because these topics are typically avoided. The purpose of our website is to change that!

Below Your Belt Conversations has been designed to help you empower your daughter (or daughters) to become informed and confident young women. You will find great information, illustrations, useful self-care tips, and interactive activities to do with your daughter. So grab your cup of tea, your beloved girl, and your favorite web browser, and teach her about pelvic health. You may also learn things about yourself you were never taught. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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