For Educators & Adult Allies

As an educator or adult ally, you play a very important role in your students’ lives. All too often, your relationship goes beyond lesson plans, and students end up relying on you as their confidant, mentor, and role model. Your girl students may begin to experience puberty and have questions about sex with you as their chief support. First periods while at school, emotional ups and downs, and many questions occur during school hours.

How can you provide them the support and information they need?

Because students come from all different types of families, it may be that they are well-prepared for these changes or that they have no information at all. Typically, these topics are not openly discussed in faith-based and ethnic communities. Below Your Belt Conversations is for you. Here, you will find information, resources, and tools you will need to provide support. Grab a pen and a notebook, your laptop and a cup of coffee, and equip yourself to be that resource for your students.