Discover what’s below your belt in this section. Here, you will learn about your anatomy (body parts) and the important changes it undergoes during your teen years. If you come from a faith-based or cultural community, you may be a part of a family and community that does not openly talk about these topics. They may not use the scientific terms for private parts, and they may not feel comfortable explaining to you the changes that your body is experiencing.

There are many reasons for this discomfort, which we hope to discuss in future posts. We hope that this resource offers you and your loved ones a chance to explore this information in a way that is anonymous and breaks the ice so that you are able to have future discussions. Here, you will learn about your body parts, your bodily functions and processes, and some of the changes you will be experiencing soon (if you haven’t already). We hope that the answers to your questions are in this section. If there is anything you still have a question on, please do not hesitate to ask one of HEART’s peer educators, by clicking here.



Puberty & Menstruation

Other Pelvic functions