Talking to Kids about Sexual Violence

We are thrilled to introduce to you our newest guide: Talking to Kids about Sexual Violence: A Guide for Parents on Age-Appropriate Conversations.

Our conversations with our children, our own and the ones we know, are perhaps the best indicator of their future resilience. This important guide offers tips and information on how to talk about sexual violence in developmentally appropriate ways with children and teens.

Written in an FAQ format, readers will find the following information:

  • Background information on sexual violence including definitions and statistics
  • How to recognize if a child is a victim of sexual violence and how to address it
  • Tips on how to have these conversations in an age-appropriate manner with each child.

Change in our families and our homes will come as we have open conversations about abuse and sex and when we empower our children to protect themselves and speak up if they are victimized. We hope that you will share this guide widely and encourage these conversations to begin taking place if they haven’t already.  Like all communities, we must replace blame, shame, and stigma with openness, support, and healing.

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