Growing Up and Hard Conversations

Trigger warning for sexual abuse

Part of growing up means having to also have difficult conversations about personal safety and boundaries. Many parents find these conversations to be awkward and challenging, and especially difficult to find age-appropriate ways to talk to their young ones about such a heavy topic. Below you will find a number of resources we have collected that we find very useful.

HEART Women and Girls have developed a number of useful resources on sexual abuse, including a guide for parents on how to talk to their children about sexual abuse. Download this useful, easy-to-use guide here and have this important conversation with your children today!

Another great resource is this fantastic animated video made by Childline, a hotline for kids in distress in India. This short, animated film teaches kids on how to identify incidences of sexual violence, and how to reach out for help. It does a great job of developing the two main characters, a sweet, young playful girl named Komal, and her family friend, a loving and playful friend of her father’s. He buys her gifts, teaches her to keep secrets, and generally behaves in a very loving and caring manner toward her. Until the one day he assaults her, leaving her to feel ashamed and confused. She reaches out to her mother and father, who decide to call Childline. The video then shows a counselor coming in to comfort Komal, and teach her and her classmates about how to identify and address child abuse. To read more about why this video is particularly great and culturally-sensitive, please refer to this post.

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