About This Site

Below Your Belt Conversations with HEART has been created by To Know is To Know and HEART Women & Girls to offer culturally-sensitive and much-needed information about pelvic health to hard-to-reach girls and women from Muslim and other faith-based communities as well as ethnic and immigrant populations.

Religious beliefs or cultural norms and lack of access can create gaps in reproductive health information, and as a result many young girls grow up with limited knowledge about their bodies. They are typically unable to identify common medical problems; understand their menstrual cycles and hygiene; and don’t know where to go for more information.

Until now there has been no resource addressing both physical and cultural pelvic health concerns in a safe, anonymous way, creating the potential for far reaching change in how women and girls are empowered in their respective communities.

We have created a virtual center where women and girls from these diverse communities can learn about anatomy, reproductive health, periods, hygiene, and other pelvic functions. The content, visuals, interactive quizzes, surveys and games, and videos have been deliberately phrased and designed to respect the needs of family and community.

Our research shows that learning this information can change the way growing girls feel about their own bodies and how they perceive themselves as young women in today’s world. We want to help break cultural barriers of shame and embarrassment by creating ease and understanding around women’s pelvic health; positively feeding and nurturing a sense of connection and pride, and helping to create an entire generation of girls and women who both know and love and take care of all things “below the belt.”  We believe this is powerful and important, and we are so very glad you have decided to visit our website.

Below Your Belt Conversations with HEART facilitates new dialog between generations of women and girls in hard-to-reach communities, by providing a safe, anonymous, virtual location where they can DISCOVER, LEARN, and SHARE.