What’s a Pelvis Anyway?

December 13, 2014By

PelvisWhat exactly is your pelvis? Is it where your belly button is? Is it just where your private parts are? Actually, it’s pretty much all of  region below your belt. Your pelvis is a wonderful and mysterious place. Welcome!

The protective parts of your pelvis are like walls, barriers, castle moats, and cushions, holding and protecting the organs inside them.

Let’s see what they do and where they are:

  • Pelvic Bones: Two large bones that kind of look like a butterfly – these are the ones that form the bowl. They hold your pelvic organs inside. You know the outside rim of these as your hip bones.
  • Pubic Bones: Two smaller bones, connected to your pelvic bones. They are found on the front side of the lowest part of your pelvic bone structure. If you lie on the floor you can feel them.
  • Pubic Symphesis: An interesting little section made of cartilage found firmly attached to your pubic bones.
  • Coccyx (sounds like COX-ix): This crazy word is the proper name for your tail bone, the bone at the end of your spine. You don’t want to fall on your tail bone because it hurts! But, if you do fall, your coccyx protects organs inside your pelvis.
  • Pelvic Pyramid Muscles: On both sides of your lower spine and across your abdomen (AKA your belly, not to be confused with your actual stomach, an organ).
  • Mons Pubis (sounds like Monz Pyoobis): The external area located on your front side just below your “bikini line”. The mons pubis is like a cushion the shape of an upside down triangle. Once you have reached puberty pubic hair will grow here. Your mons pubis helps make a fall on your pubic bones a little softer!

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