Helpful Yoga Poses for Cramps

January 26, 2015By

Close-up mid section of a casual young woman with stomach pain sitting in bed at homeFor centuries, yoga has been used to calm the mind and exercise the body. If menstrual cramps are bringing you down, try these yoga poses to relieve the pain and put you in a good mood:

Head-To-Knee Forward Bends: Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of  you. Elongate your spine and slightly tighten the muscles of you lower abdomen. Bend your right knee so that the bottom of your right foot is placed against your inner left thigh, creating a triangle. Inhale. Now, exhale and gently stretch over your left leg – reaching for your toes.

If you can’t quite reach those toes yet, no worries. The more frequently you stretch the closer to your toes you’ll get. As you stretch over your left leg try to keep your lower abdominal muscles slightly tightened and make your spine as long as possible. Hold for a count of 10 Mississippi’s or more. Gently and slowly switch legs, and you’re done.

Pelvic Bridges: Lie on your back with your legs outstretched on the floor and your arms by your sides. Slide your right heel toward your tush so that your knee is directly above your ankle. Now, do the same thing with your left heel. Make sure your feet are flat and hip width apart. Push down on your heels and lift your bottom off the ground. Press your shoulder blades into the floor. Your body should look like a London Bridge that isn’t falling down. Take three deep breaths in this pose then lower your bottom back to the ground, vertebra by vertebra, like a bicycle chain.

Yoga is very grounding and centering, meant to relax you, so go slowly, and breathe fully. Your instinct will be to curl up in a ball if your cramps are intense. Try to resist that urge. Take a walk. Do these stretches. Drink some water.

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