Ghusl for Boys

March 7, 2015By

Head showerIn our previous post for girls on ghusl (ritual bath), many have asked whether boys have similar expectations. The short answer to that is yes. There are specific times that boys too, are expected to perform ghusl, and the actual process of performing ghusl is the same. As mentioned in the previous post, the ritual bath is required in order for a Muslim to begin praying or fasting again.

Of course, boys do not menstruate, so the times when they have to make ghusl is slightly different. Boys must perform the ritual bath when they ejaculate, either because of a wet dream, or because they have had sexual intercourse. Additionally, ghusl must be made at the very minimum, once a week.

As mentioned earlier, the process for ghusl for boys is the same as it is for girls. They are not allowed to perform the ritual five daily prayers or fast until they have taken the ritual bath.

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